Erland Cooper


Pre-save to Win

Pre-save to Win*

A companion album to Sule Skerry, a continuous ambient work, split over three movements (or Tides).

Pre-save Seachange on Spotify before October 23rd and you're entered to win:

  • A complete set of signed Erland albums on vinyl LP
  • Includes Solan Goose (sold out), Sule Skerry & white label test pressing
  • A 'one to one' studio playback of Seachange at Erland’s recording studio, London
  • A guest ticket to a show of your choice on Erland's November 2019 tour (OR pair of tickets for next London show)
  • A limited edition Solan Goose poster
  • 2 limited edition Solan Goose & Murmuration postcards
  • 2 Solan Goose tote bags

* Any permissions requested from you upon pre-saving will be used only to subscribe your e-mail address to the Erland Cooper mailing list and to subscribe your Spotify account to a pair of playlists curated by Erland ('An Introduction to Erland Cooper' and 'Migrations'). Your details will not be used or shared in any other way, and your privacy will be respected.