Hailing from the archipelago of Orkney in Scotland, Erland Cooper explores the natural world of birds, landscape and place, manifesting in an immersive collection of music, words and imagery.   


Originally part of acclaimed bands, The Magnetic North and Erland & The Carnival, he has a diverse musical background. His first album Solan Goose was an ode to escapism, written to ease personal anxiety working in a busy city, through soothing piano, strings, electronics and wild bird calls; the title tracks on the album are a nod to the local Orkney dialect for birdlife.  His celebrated second record, Sule Skerry, turns his attention to the North Sea, completing part II of a planned trilogy of albums about his childhood home of Orkney. The final chapter is now set for release in May 2020 which explores land, community, myth and mythology and will conclude an Orkney Triptych.


Erland also works across multi-arts projects including gallery, film and installations. Most recently scoring NEST - a giant, kinetic light and sound installation opening London's first borough of culture.  


“Mesmeric antidote to the stresses of city living” -  Q Magazine 

“…a record of simple beauty, exploring the place where electronic and classical music can co-habit” - The Quietus 

“Cultivating a sense of calm...inspiring thoughts of seasonal migration and definitions of home” - A Closer Listen 

“An audio treat. A wonderful marriage of music, time and place” - Music OMH


“Masterful. A work of audio art.” - Mary Anne Hobbs

“… at once calming and euphoric, with a beauty that’s its own justification” - Uncut

“Wonderfully nuanced songwriting matched to lung-bursting string arrangements.” - Clash

"...a meditative, transportive listening experience… an ethereal swoon which imagines Sigur Rós remixed by Bibio. It makes you wonder where Cooper will take you next" - Q

"considered, crafted and explorative of details that only someone with a true affinity can delve into. If Cooper’s intent was to create an insular kind of magic, he does so" - Loud and Quiet

“Now, with Sule Skerry,he's expanding his palette, retaining an ambient quality, while bringing in a more epic, moving scope.” - The 405

“Nature’s songwriter.. for all it’s gentleness, Cooper's songs are deeply emotional” - Guardian